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Monday, February 20, 2006

MaxType Lite Typing Tutor

I admit that i can't type as fast as a regular office typist or clerk. I am not typing with the right fingers either. I hit the keyboard with the finger that i feel most comfortable with. But it's never too late to learn typing the right way, with the fingers placed nicely on the right set of keys. Is there a freeware out there to satisfy this needs?

MaxType Lite Typing Tutor will give me a free option in accomplishing this. This lite version of a professional version is quite useful and unlike shareware, it doesn't have any time restrictions on how long you can use it.

It's features:-

  • Multiple keyboard support - supports Qwerty, Dvorak and Azerty keyboard.
  • Multiple user interface - there are separate typing profile for anybody keen enough on the art of typing.
  • Extreme Typing Mode - compete with a computer opponent on how fast you can hit that keyboard, computer opponent speed is configurable to suit your needs.
  • Typing Test Mode - choose a text or create your own text, use it as a typing test that will record your typing speed per minute, common mistakes, left hand speed statistics and etc.
  • Report card - this report page of yours will list your typing statistics after you complete each typing modes. There are more than 20 statistics
  • Library - this freeware comes with text ranging from song lyrics, programming codes and others to suit your skills.

The downside is this lite version does not come with touch typing tutorial / modes which is only available in the professional version (pay-ware).

Nevertheless, it's a free, functional tool to assess your typing skills and i think my typing skills were improved by using it.

Download it from

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