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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Hail IrfanView - a compact, easy to use image viewer. It's one of the best image viewer out there, on the Internet jungle. I fell in love with it at first use. It's so easy to use, fast and it's features are amazing. It has won rave reviews and best of all, it's free!

It's features:-

  • Clean, functional interface - moving from previous to next picture was a breeze.
  • Thumbnail support - show off your images in thumbnails for easy selection You can even save the thumbnails in HTML to show it to the world!
  • Slideshow - let IrfanView show all the images to you one by one, let your mouse relax a bit!
  • Batch conversion - convert all your selected images eg. from gif to jpeg in batches, save lots of my time!
  • Batch renaming - rename all files in batches, save more time!
  • Scanner support - acquire images from any attached scanner anytime, Windows Imaging software are out of style.
  • Image Editor - very powerful function - you can never find it in Microsoft Paint. Rotate, resize, enhance colors, sharpen, reduce red eye effect (!), create image effects etc. You don't need to know Adobe Photoshop to do this, it's so easy with this freeware!
  • Zoom function - make that picture bigger / smaller with this.
  • Hotkey support - keyboards are faster than the mouse, jusk ask your Unix neighbour. Controls IrfanView with a keyboard if you wish to do so.

These are some of the things that you can do with IrfanView. If you are looking for an all round image viewer with easy to use image editing functions, then IrfanView is the right freeware lover's choice.

Download it here at

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