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Sunday, February 26, 2006

iDaily Diary

I've tried to write a diary before. Went to a stationery store, bought a pretty nifty diary, wrote for a few days, forgotten all about it a week after that and curse my laziness a year after for not filling it up. Now i don't have to waste my money anymore. Some smart people have created an electronic diary, the iDaily Diary. And for some unknown philantrophic reason, they made it freeware. You can use it again and again year after year, to write daily notes, journals, secrets, you name it.

It's features:-

  • Rich text editor - bold, highlight, cut, paste, all the usual stuff that a physical diary can't do. You can even insert pictures.

  • Password support - a diary supposed to be a secret right? Key in that secure password of yours, keep that iDiary out of pesky brothers and sisters.

  • Easy date navigator - navigate to previous days, weeks, months, years of entries with ease. No more page flipping!

  • Tab support - create tabs for different type of entries on the same day.

  • Link support - create a link to another day for related events.

  • Search function - the magic of electronic freeware thingies. Search function, can't live without it.

Even with an electronic diary, I still can't commit in writing my daily events. Maybe somebody out there will absolutely love this freeware. Tell me if you like it!

Download it from

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