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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Easy Thumbnails

Creating thumbnails to show off your photography skills on the Internet is a pain in the as*. You need to do the same picture resizing over and over again, one by one. We need something more intelligent to do this, batch by batch, fast.

Fookes Software creates one to answer the webmaster's call. They create Easy Thumbnails. They made it freeware. Show them your support by using it anytime you can!

Easy Thumbnails is a handy freeware utility for creating accurate thumbnail images and scaled-down/up copies from a wide range of popular image formats.

It's features: -

  • Simple usage - click on a picture or all of them, click Make / Make All, thumbnails created!

  • Image scaling - choose your desired thumbnail size, quality, brightness, contrast, sharpness and rotation with sliders.

  • Prefix - differentiate thumbnails and pictures with user selected prefix, will be applied on file names.

  • Make web page - right click on multiple thumbnails, click this option, a web page will be created automagically full with thumbnails! Web page templates is also available for customization.

  • Preview - preview your thumbnails before creating it, just to make sure of your selected settings.

It's small, easy, efficient and free. This will surely satisfy weary webmaster's, who don't want to waste more valuable time resizing images like robots.

Get it fast at

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