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Friday, February 10, 2006

Duplicate File Finder

My current hard disk storage is 80GB. When i was in my secondary school, my computer only has 400MB of system storage. Nevertheless, even 80GB seems so small nowadays because we have develop a habit in creating and storing bigger files such as movies, mp3s and others. And yes, i'm so stingy when it comes to buying hard disks.

My other habit is categorizing files into partitions and folders. It seems like a valiant effort but crap, sometimes i end up with two or more duplicated files in different places. I wonder if there are freewares that will satisfy my needs. After some googling over the web, there's a specific freeware for this particular job, it's the Duplicate File Finder (it seems like the programmer doesn't want to spend time thinking of a catchy name for his software).

It certainly does it's job well. It's capability:-

  • Fast duplicates scan - it took less than 5 minutes to scan my 30GB file partition.

  • Blocked folder list - protect folders for accidental duplicates removal.

  • Excluded folder list - remove folders that you don't want DFF (yes, i just give it a cool name) to scan

  • Filters - scan only .exe files (in my case, yours might differ), you can even turn off the filters to scan all extensions of duplicate files

  • Scan options - find duplicated files matching size, contents, names etc...

Despite it's un catchy name, Duplicate File Finder really saves my time. Maybe it will serves you well too.

Until next time, freeware lovers rejoice!

Download Duplicate File Finder here.

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