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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Need a word processor? Can't afford to buy Microsoft Office? Think that Microsoft Office is a waste of money because you only need Microsoft Word but not the other applications? Or to make it simple, do you need an absolutely free word processor?

Look no further, download AbiWord here. It's completely freeware. It's functional yet easy to use.

Features and benefits:-

  • Familiar interface - previous users of Microsoft Word / OpenOffice Writer origin will know how to use this free ware in no time.
  • Multi format support - supports Word documents, Rich Text Format etc. That means you can open and save documents in your preferable format.
  • Support for other word processor functions - styles, bullets, image support, tables, etc.
  • Spell-checker - make no mistake when typing your resume, or your boss letter.
  • Multi-platform - it runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS Cocoa.
  • Mail-merge support - if you don't know what this is, check out A forgotten yet powerful function.
  • Bidirectional support - Arabic word-processing typist, there's no need to worry!
  • Abw format - document save with this AbiWord format will be easily readable by any text editor / word processor. With this style of data storage, you can feel assured that your precious data is safe and readable, even without using the original AbiWord program!

If you are going to buy Microsoft Office suite just to use Microsoft Word, stop now. It's easier to download AbiWord, saving you a few hundred bucks which you can give me for giving you this review :)

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