Monday, February 27, 2006

Cute PDF

I bet you know what Adobe Acrobat Reader is. Manuals, humongous office documents are normally converted to PDF or Portable Document Format documents to reduce its size dramatically, thus makes it easier to distribute / share. Then the user will need to use the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it.

But did you know that the software used to create these PDF documents is so expensive; nobody cares to buy it (except rich companies of course)? The name is Adobe Acrobat, minus the Reader.

Of course, we can use Open Office to convert all of our office documents to PDF but what if I use Microsoft Office? What if I want to convert html files that I’ve downloaded to PDF? What if I want to convert my programming codes in NVU to PDF?

This is where Cute PDF excels. It will convert almost any printable documents to PDF format. Open a file, click Print (depends on the how you normally print the file with the application), select Cute PDF as the printer and click Print. It will not print the documents to a physical printer silly, it will print (or write) to a PDF file. It's that easy!

Before you install Cute PDF, you need to install the converter first. Download it from

Then, download Cute PDF freeware from and install it.

Congratulations, you just save yourselves thousand of dollars with this cutely functional freeware. Enjoy!

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Easy Thumbnails

Creating thumbnails to show off your photography skills on the Internet is a pain in the as*. You need to do the same picture resizing over and over again, one by one. We need something more intelligent to do this, batch by batch, fast.

Fookes Software creates one to answer the webmaster's call. They create Easy Thumbnails. They made it freeware. Show them your support by using it anytime you can!

Easy Thumbnails is a handy freeware utility for creating accurate thumbnail images and scaled-down/up copies from a wide range of popular image formats.

It's features: -

  • Simple usage - click on a picture or all of them, click Make / Make All, thumbnails created!

  • Image scaling - choose your desired thumbnail size, quality, brightness, contrast, sharpness and rotation with sliders.

  • Prefix - differentiate thumbnails and pictures with user selected prefix, will be applied on file names.

  • Make web page - right click on multiple thumbnails, click this option, a web page will be created automagically full with thumbnails! Web page templates is also available for customization.

  • Preview - preview your thumbnails before creating it, just to make sure of your selected settings.

It's small, easy, efficient and free. This will surely satisfy weary webmaster's, who don't want to waste more valuable time resizing images like robots.

Get it fast at

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iDaily Diary

I've tried to write a diary before. Went to a stationery store, bought a pretty nifty diary, wrote for a few days, forgotten all about it a week after that and curse my laziness a year after for not filling it up. Now i don't have to waste my money anymore. Some smart people have created an electronic diary, the iDaily Diary. And for some unknown philantrophic reason, they made it freeware. You can use it again and again year after year, to write daily notes, journals, secrets, you name it.

It's features:-

  • Rich text editor - bold, highlight, cut, paste, all the usual stuff that a physical diary can't do. You can even insert pictures.

  • Password support - a diary supposed to be a secret right? Key in that secure password of yours, keep that iDiary out of pesky brothers and sisters.

  • Easy date navigator - navigate to previous days, weeks, months, years of entries with ease. No more page flipping!

  • Tab support - create tabs for different type of entries on the same day.

  • Link support - create a link to another day for related events.

  • Search function - the magic of electronic freeware thingies. Search function, can't live without it.

Even with an electronic diary, I still can't commit in writing my daily events. Maybe somebody out there will absolutely love this freeware. Tell me if you like it!

Download it from

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Quad-Lock Unit Converter

A not so typical Trillian Instant Messaging web conference...

Ahmad: Hi John, how's the temperature there?

John: It's quite hot in America. It's about 86.00 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ahmad: How hot is that? In Malaysia, we only measure temperature in Celsius.

John: I only know Fahrenheit since birth. Never heard of Celsius before.

Me: It's 30 degrees Celsius in the US Ahmad. 1 degree Celsius equals to 33.800 Fahrenheit.

Ahmad: Wow, you're so smart.

Me: Of course. I use Quad-Lock Unit Converter to do all the conversions for me! Distances, temperatures. volumes, you name it all. By the way, do you know that Rankine, Kelvin and Reaumur are some of other types of temperature measurement standards?

Ahmad: :(

John: Lucky you. Wouldn't it be better to spend all the money on other useful softwares? Games like FarCry maybe..

Me: Not at all. I didn't spend a cent for it. It's completely freeware. It's freedom at it's best. Just download it from and you're set.

Ahmad: Wow! I don't know that it's free! Thanks!

John: Thanks man. Any more fantastic freebies?

Me: Of course! Just visit for more! Don't forget to bookmark the site too! It's full of free softwares!

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Monday, February 20, 2006

MaxType Lite Typing Tutor

I admit that i can't type as fast as a regular office typist or clerk. I am not typing with the right fingers either. I hit the keyboard with the finger that i feel most comfortable with. But it's never too late to learn typing the right way, with the fingers placed nicely on the right set of keys. Is there a freeware out there to satisfy this needs?

MaxType Lite Typing Tutor will give me a free option in accomplishing this. This lite version of a professional version is quite useful and unlike shareware, it doesn't have any time restrictions on how long you can use it.

It's features:-

  • Multiple keyboard support - supports Qwerty, Dvorak and Azerty keyboard.
  • Multiple user interface - there are separate typing profile for anybody keen enough on the art of typing.
  • Extreme Typing Mode - compete with a computer opponent on how fast you can hit that keyboard, computer opponent speed is configurable to suit your needs.
  • Typing Test Mode - choose a text or create your own text, use it as a typing test that will record your typing speed per minute, common mistakes, left hand speed statistics and etc.
  • Report card - this report page of yours will list your typing statistics after you complete each typing modes. There are more than 20 statistics
  • Library - this freeware comes with text ranging from song lyrics, programming codes and others to suit your skills.

The downside is this lite version does not come with touch typing tutorial / modes which is only available in the professional version (pay-ware).

Nevertheless, it's a free, functional tool to assess your typing skills and i think my typing skills were improved by using it.

Download it from

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Pawn 2

Sometimes I love a game of chess with somebody. The problem is that there is no one to play with at home. Don't mistake me for a grandmaster or international master of chess, I am not. I know all the basic moves but yet, I am still learning. Moreover, I am not going to spend my money on a superb chess game like the ChessMaster 9000 because I only need to play chess sometimes.

Then I found out that there are freeware chess programs on the Internet. One of the best is Pawn 2. Curiously, they named it with the weakest piece in the game. If you want a free chess game for beginners with some options to tweak, then Pawn 2 is for you.

It's features:-

  • Save Game function - save your game to continue later, or yeah, for later analyzation.
  • Opponent Voice - the computer can talks with a man's or a woman's voice. Others were not included
  • Opponent level - defeat a strong computer opponent or you can slide that level up to embarrass a computer chess noob, and feeling good about yourself.
  • Hint - cheat and ask the computer opponent to give a clue on the next best move.
  • Move list - all the moves in the game are recorded on left side of the board, best used when pondering over things after straight losses to the opponent.
  • Selective search and hash tables - remove this opponents to make Pawn less stronger, strictly for learners like me.

Don't worry if you don't know chess. You can learn it by using tutorials all over the net. The hardest part it to find a sparring partner. In this case, you can use Pawn a stepping stone before dreaming to become the next Kasparov.

Download it from

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Trillian Basic

Instant Messaging is king. It's instant communication and a fast way to say hi to somebody you know or don't know. But the problem is there are so many to choose from. Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, AOL, Jabber and others. Each will require a separate application to be run on your task bar. It's still the same thing though, it's just instant typing fun all the way, it doesn't suppose to be separated.

Then there's Trillian. A smart app that will unify all your instant messaging needs. No more separate clients. This freeware combines them all in one sleek messenger.

It's features:-

  • Supports popular Instant Messaging service - Yahoo! , MSN, ICQ, AOL and IRC.

  • Global reconnect - provide Trillian with your user names and passwords, click this button, and you're connected to all those services.

  • Familiar IM services support - smileys, sounds, status messages, file transfer, etc. You will not miss all the IM fun with this level of support.

  • Voice support - if you don't find typing fun, this is for you.

  • Docking - make Trillian sits nicely on your desktop right or left, or you can just minimize it to the system tray.

Trillian makes instant messaging looks smarter with a clean and easy to use interface. Try it now!

Download it from

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Monday, February 13, 2006


Geography is not really an interesting subject. Maybe not for me. But geography plus freeware plus interactive games are quite interesting. That's why Seterra is an appeal for a guy like me. It's absolutely simple freeware, teaches you about countries, their capitals, their flags and more. Moreover, there are high score charts that lets you brag about what a geography whiz you are. That's what makes it so addictive!

It's features:-

  • Point and click interface - it's so easy than easy itself!

  • Covers the world map - just click anywhere on the map, choose the continents that you want to know about.

  • Quiz - be prepared and test your knowledge here, by the way, do you know where Senegal is? What about Guinea-bissau?

Geography is certainly more fun with Seterra. Maybe geography teachers can make full use of this software.

That's all folks!

Download Seterra freeware here

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Startup Inspector

Ever wonder why there are so many icons on your Windows system tray, right after you boot up your Windows machine? Have you ever notice that it slows down your system startup? Do you feel irritated by it? I do. Sometimes you can disable it but sometimes there are tough to remove too.

Even worse, some programs like spywares start up itself when your computer boots up, without showing any tray icons (that's why they call it spywares). It's time to remove those memory hogging / unnecessary programs with Startup Inspector.

What it will do:-

  • Registry scanning - it scans and display programs that runs right after system boot in a sane way, easier to the eyes.

  • Consultation - if you wonder if the programs are necessary or not for the system, click this button and Startup Inspector will shed some lights for you.

  • Easy removal - just tick the programs that you want to disable during startup, just never tick the real time anti-virus scanning, or else...

  • Profiles - you can save profiles in which you can define different type of start-up tasks.

Startup Inspector is one of the freewares that will give you an easier way to control how your computer behaves during startup. Always be in control of your system!

Download it here.

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Duplicate File Finder

My current hard disk storage is 80GB. When i was in my secondary school, my computer only has 400MB of system storage. Nevertheless, even 80GB seems so small nowadays because we have develop a habit in creating and storing bigger files such as movies, mp3s and others. And yes, i'm so stingy when it comes to buying hard disks.

My other habit is categorizing files into partitions and folders. It seems like a valiant effort but crap, sometimes i end up with two or more duplicated files in different places. I wonder if there are freewares that will satisfy my needs. After some googling over the web, there's a specific freeware for this particular job, it's the Duplicate File Finder (it seems like the programmer doesn't want to spend time thinking of a catchy name for his software).

It certainly does it's job well. It's capability:-

  • Fast duplicates scan - it took less than 5 minutes to scan my 30GB file partition.

  • Blocked folder list - protect folders for accidental duplicates removal.

  • Excluded folder list - remove folders that you don't want DFF (yes, i just give it a cool name) to scan

  • Filters - scan only .exe files (in my case, yours might differ), you can even turn off the filters to scan all extensions of duplicate files

  • Scan options - find duplicated files matching size, contents, names etc...

Despite it's un catchy name, Duplicate File Finder really saves my time. Maybe it will serves you well too.

Until next time, freeware lovers rejoice!

Download Duplicate File Finder here.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Nice Article On Freeware

The True Meaning of Freeware
by: Daniel Robson

The vast majority of us will have, at some point, had freeware games or applications installed on our systems. If you’ve played an online Java or Flash based game, you’ve used freeware. In a very real way the Internet itself is freeware, a massive collections of scripts, information, tools and resources that are, for the most part, totally free. But what is it that motivates so many people to put so much work into a project, and then release it totally free of charge? There are a few misconceptions about freeware that I would like to clear up.

1.) “Freeware programs are loaded with spy ware and Trojan horses” – not true. While it is true that some programs contain these types of malicious software, they are a vanishingly small percentage of the whole. The type of people who release programs like this are identical to spam mailers – criminal and beneath contempt. If you are worried about this then I suggest you only download software from large, well known freeware sites. These almost always check to ensure their programs are free of any malicious code.

2.) “Freeware only works for X amount of days, or is crippled in some way”. Again, not true. Programs that work in this way are classified as Shareware, and are designed so that if you like the programs function you can pay the author for a full version. Freeware is never crippled in any way, and comes with no charge whatsoever – although donations are always appreciated!

3.) “The only reason this is freeware is because no-one in their right mind would pay money for it”. This, unfortunately, is often a valid point. There are some truly abysmal programs out there. And even if the program is a good, helpful little tool, it doesn’t mean you would be prepared to spend £10 on it in a shop. However there are some absolute gems out there, like 7-zip for example. All I can say is, again, look for the big directories where the submissions are ranked. Look especially for the sites where users can leave their own feedback on a product, for example is a superb site for freeware games.

So what is the reason people make programs for free? The points above could explain it, to some extent. But that is not what freeware is really about. Freeware is about programmers wanting to share what they’ve created with the world at large, be it a useful tool, a kick-ass game or even a simple script. People who write freeware like to share what they’ve made, and maybe get some credit from the wider community for making something useful. So next time you find a useful piece of free software why not look through the about box to find out who made it. If they have a site then go visit, maybe leave a note in the guest book to encourage them to keep up the good work, to create more superb software. And you never know, the site may even contain that perfect piece of software you’ve been looking for.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Hail IrfanView - a compact, easy to use image viewer. It's one of the best image viewer out there, on the Internet jungle. I fell in love with it at first use. It's so easy to use, fast and it's features are amazing. It has won rave reviews and best of all, it's free!

It's features:-

  • Clean, functional interface - moving from previous to next picture was a breeze.
  • Thumbnail support - show off your images in thumbnails for easy selection You can even save the thumbnails in HTML to show it to the world!
  • Slideshow - let IrfanView show all the images to you one by one, let your mouse relax a bit!
  • Batch conversion - convert all your selected images eg. from gif to jpeg in batches, save lots of my time!
  • Batch renaming - rename all files in batches, save more time!
  • Scanner support - acquire images from any attached scanner anytime, Windows Imaging software are out of style.
  • Image Editor - very powerful function - you can never find it in Microsoft Paint. Rotate, resize, enhance colors, sharpen, reduce red eye effect (!), create image effects etc. You don't need to know Adobe Photoshop to do this, it's so easy with this freeware!
  • Zoom function - make that picture bigger / smaller with this.
  • Hotkey support - keyboards are faster than the mouse, jusk ask your Unix neighbour. Controls IrfanView with a keyboard if you wish to do so.

These are some of the things that you can do with IrfanView. If you are looking for an all round image viewer with easy to use image editing functions, then IrfanView is the right freeware lover's choice.

Download it here at

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Need a word processor? Can't afford to buy Microsoft Office? Think that Microsoft Office is a waste of money because you only need Microsoft Word but not the other applications? Or to make it simple, do you need an absolutely free word processor?

Look no further, download AbiWord here. It's completely freeware. It's functional yet easy to use.

Features and benefits:-

  • Familiar interface - previous users of Microsoft Word / OpenOffice Writer origin will know how to use this free ware in no time.
  • Multi format support - supports Word documents, Rich Text Format etc. That means you can open and save documents in your preferable format.
  • Support for other word processor functions - styles, bullets, image support, tables, etc.
  • Spell-checker - make no mistake when typing your resume, or your boss letter.
  • Multi-platform - it runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS Cocoa.
  • Mail-merge support - if you don't know what this is, check out A forgotten yet powerful function.
  • Bidirectional support - Arabic word-processing typist, there's no need to worry!
  • Abw format - document save with this AbiWord format will be easily readable by any text editor / word processor. With this style of data storage, you can feel assured that your precious data is safe and readable, even without using the original AbiWord program!

If you are going to buy Microsoft Office suite just to use Microsoft Word, stop now. It's easier to download AbiWord, saving you a few hundred bucks which you can give me for giving you this review :)

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Kindly stop using that trial Winzip file compression program now. There are free and better alternatives. And yes it's free and not the usual 30 days trial edition clone that leaves you scratching your head once the charity period ends.

It's this freeware, ZipGenius and really, it's a genius in its own way.

It's features: -

  • Multiple compression format support - zip, ace, arj, tar, bz, rar, etc. It even support the new 7-zip (7z) format.
  • Easy to use wizard - this one is a must for compression newbies.
  • Test and Repair - yes, now you can test and repair compressed archives! No more broken files!
  • Encryption and password support - secure your zip files, you geek!
  • The usual WinZip capability - add files, extract, split, etc.
  • Self extraction support - create a self extraction compressed file, so you can unzip your files at your friend's house (imagine that your friend never have of any compression software like WinZip on his computer)
  • Easy updates - free updates for free ware lovers!

The only reason that you still want to use that WinZip software is because you get so used to it already. Never fear, ZipGenius is way easy to use so conversion to this new freeware will be hassle free. Enjoy!

Download it from here

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

long holidays..

sorry for not posting for the last few days ...
i've went back to my village, and of course.. there's no personal computer nor internet connection..
will begin posting back tomorrow or maybe saturday... :)

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