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Friday, January 27, 2006

Quintessential Player

During my student days, i normally use WinAmp to play all mp3 files. It's some kind of a default media player for students. If i am not mistaken, at that time it's version 2.x (x means some number silly, thanks for asking).

But after a few updates and WinAmp 3.x were released, I feel it's a bit slower and I began my quest for other top mp3 players.

I think I've found the best in the Quintessential Player or for short, the QCD Player.

Why I like it so much:

  • Easy to use interface – everything just makes sense

  • Crisp sound quality – out of the box, no tuning needed

  • Lightweight – full installation only takes 2.4MB

  • Guaranteed stability and robustness – it never makes my PC hangs :)

  • Free – this one is a must, or else this would not be reviewed here!

  • CD Ripper – burn all files on the play list, from the convenience of the beautiful interface

But i personally think the best features of this player is that it's so stable and lightweight. So..., enjoy!

Download this freeware from ->

For another fantastic free ware, one for all media players, check my review on VLC Player here.

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