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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Looking for free and simple organizer to manage your life? Look no further. MT-Organizer is the freeware geek's choice. It's easier than easy to use. With no frills and a minimalistic user interface, it's simple yet practical.

It's function:-

  • Contacts organizer – add, edit, modify, display and delete your contact information here. Add from names to the contact's homepage, add any information that you can think of!

  • Calendar – key in all the events of your life here.

  • Reminders – they know that people tend to forget about a few things, thank god they didn't forget to create this!

  • Password protection – don't let anybody steal your contact's information, key in that long, ridiculously named password of yours.

  • Group support – add new groups so that contact's can be organized easier

  • Birthday reminders – never forget your big boss birthday! Be reminded of any important birthdays, a day or a few weeks earlier.

  • Start-up options – fill up that empty Windows tray :) ! Boot it up as soon as Windows starts.

MT-Organizer looks simple but it really works! Never judge a book by it's cover!

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