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Monday, January 16, 2006


You are running out of hard disk space. You wonder what consumes it. You wish that you have deleted all the old and obsolete files earlier so that you don't have to do some seek and destroy file operations. You hope to understand your habit on disk space utilization.You are broke, a new hard disk is not an option.You wonder if you are alone in this file searching mission. You are not.

You need the help of this freeware. You need JdiskReport. It will help you understand more about your hard disk.

It's features:

  • Disk space analyzer – no matter in which disk partitions / tree, it will analyze the disk consumption, of all files and folders, especially for you.

  • Visual reports – our eyes works better with pictures, don't they? Pie chart is the default view.

  • Size distribution report – how many gigs of file with the size of 1GB or more in your hard disk? I bet you can't answer that :)

  • Modified distribution report – do I have files that are more than 3 years in my hard disk? JdiskReport: “Of course”

  • File types distribution report – what type of files (avi, mp3...) was the biggest cause of my “out of hard disk space” problem, so i can backup it on cd / delete it?

  • Top 100 - this one is no Rick Dees / billboard music chart. It's your choice either to view the largest, oldest or newest file in the file tree, so that you can take necessary actions. Find that grandpa of files here.

Now you are in total control of your hard disk space. Say thanks to the freeware lovers!

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