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Monday, January 16, 2006


Please don't offer me any free email service anymore. Not that i don't like it, it's because that i have more than 10 free emails and i am a free email account junkie. Not that I can't figure out of any geeky user name to use any more. It's because the more email accounts that i have, the more it consumes my working time because i have to open up that browser, takes time to remember the password of that free Gmail account, check my Yahoo! email account to get the “Remember my password” email sent by Gmail and you name it yourselves, more mundane tasks.

Then ePrompter came to cheer me up. It says that i don't have to open up that browser anymore to check my email account. Not one but all of my free email accounts. Before jumping to conclusion that some freeware makers are crazy, i decide to test it.

Now i am a believer. Simple freeware makes life easier. No more time wasting. Here are things that it can do:-

  • Centralized email notification – it can check up to 16 email accounts from one simple interface for fast email notification. It will notify you with a rotating tray icon and by sound, it's your choice.

  • Supports major free email services - Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, Lycos,, Mindspring, MSN, Netscape, OneBox, POP3, Rediffmail, AOL , AltaVista, Earthlink,,, and hundreds of other email domains

  • Remembers username and password – never forgot a single password or is it pass word ? :)

  • Setup wizard – easy freeware setup for the smart and dumb altogether

  • Scheduled email checkup – be paranoid, check your email account using ePrompter every 1 hour or less.

  • Real email functions – read, reply, forward, delete and mark your messages from a Windows desktop, no browser needed!

  • Auto start – check your email as soon as that Windows finish booting up.

  • Update All – one click of a button will immediately checks all of your email accounts, it's the magic of freeware!

This freeware has been voted as one of the Best Free Internet Software by many. So try it!

Now i am going to register for more free email accounts. I know ePrompter will always be on my side. See ya next time!

Download it from:

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