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Monday, January 16, 2006


Do you still remember in which folder did you put that Crazy Frog mp3 file? Or that Word document which you had saved all your friends mobile number last year? Or your wedding day pictures? Things get a little crazy if there were hundreds of unmanageable and untraceable files.

A conventional approach is to click that Windows start button, click Search and pray that you can locate the file. It's slow though. What if there are 20 files to search for? So, click.. click.. click... (sigh!)

A smart approach would be to store the location of the files in a database, so each time you want to locate that secret video :) , you just type the name of the file / the file extension, and even before you finish typing, the file appear automagically on that screen, saving you from the boredom of waiting Windows Search to finish.

So how do you do overcome this? Just install this fantastic freeware file finder, Ava Find.

It's so smart, it makes you want to uninstall Windows Search :). It's features:-

  • Automatic Search Database creation – a few minutes after installation, it will know the location of all your files

  • Find-as-you-type – this fantastic search tool will show matching results as you type the name of the file / file extension

  • Categorized Results – the results will be divided into main categories : Music, Videos, Pictures, Installed Programs, Documents, and Downloaded Files too! No more micro management!

  • Scout Bot – this weirdly named bot will update and inform you on any newly changed files / folders in a special window pane.

  • My Picks – recent search results will be shown on a special pane

  • Wildcard support – don't worry if you can't remember the full file name, Ava Find is at your service

  • Selectable Search – specify the hard disk drive to be searched or to be ignored by Ava Find

  • Blocked Folders – specify folders to be omitted by this freeware

  • Schedules Updates – ask Ava Find to update it's search database at a specified time / interval

The downsides are this free version can't find files from network drives and has a few functions disabled for the joy of rich people who can afford to buy the full version. Nonetheless, even the freeware version outperforms every aspects of Windows Search by a mile.

Believe me, seeing is believing!

Download it here -->

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