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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ad Aware Personal Edition

Maintaining a personal computer is harder nowadays. A few years back, we were only bugged by computer viruses. Killing or preventing them is easier, install an anti virus and you can be sure that a your data is safe and protected.

Spywares are the new public enemy now. Sometimes, things that we installed or downloaded from the Internet might be planted with codes that can be malicious to the PC. There are many reasons why spywares are developed. Some of them can steal your passwords and send it to the creator, some might track your personal computer usage for marketing purposes, some may interrupt your surfing privacy by displaying unnecessary advertisements and you name it, more bad intents.

That's why we need freeware such as Ad-Aware SE Personal. It's well known as one of the best spyware removers out there.

What it can do: -

  • Registry scanning – in layman's terms, Ad-Aware will try to find spywares and remove it from your PC

  • Full and smart system scan – full system scan is recommended for first time use, smart scan is faster and can be performed daily

  • Free on line updates – spyware updates, similar to anti virus updates, so that Ad-Aware can scan newly created spyware bugs

  • Selective scan – scan only the directories that you want to

  • Free on-line Ad-Ons – extra plug ins that make Ad-Aware more functional than others

  • Quarantine – don't delete the spywares if you are not that sure! Rarely used function, normally it's safe to just delete those spywares.

You maybe feel that you are not infected by spywares. Believe me, you don't want to be too sure about that. Fire up this freeware and you will be surprised by what it will find for you!

Download it from ->

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