Friday, January 27, 2006

Quintessential Player

During my student days, i normally use WinAmp to play all mp3 files. It's some kind of a default media player for students. If i am not mistaken, at that time it's version 2.x (x means some number silly, thanks for asking).

But after a few updates and WinAmp 3.x were released, I feel it's a bit slower and I began my quest for other top mp3 players.

I think I've found the best in the Quintessential Player or for short, the QCD Player.

Why I like it so much:

  • Easy to use interface – everything just makes sense

  • Crisp sound quality – out of the box, no tuning needed

  • Lightweight – full installation only takes 2.4MB

  • Guaranteed stability and robustness – it never makes my PC hangs :)

  • Free – this one is a must, or else this would not be reviewed here!

  • CD Ripper – burn all files on the play list, from the convenience of the beautiful interface

But i personally think the best features of this player is that it's so stable and lightweight. So..., enjoy!

Download this freeware from ->

For another fantastic free ware, one for all media players, check my review on VLC Player here.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Looking for free and simple organizer to manage your life? Look no further. MT-Organizer is the freeware geek's choice. It's easier than easy to use. With no frills and a minimalistic user interface, it's simple yet practical.

It's function:-

  • Contacts organizer – add, edit, modify, display and delete your contact information here. Add from names to the contact's homepage, add any information that you can think of!

  • Calendar – key in all the events of your life here.

  • Reminders – they know that people tend to forget about a few things, thank god they didn't forget to create this!

  • Password protection – don't let anybody steal your contact's information, key in that long, ridiculously named password of yours.

  • Group support – add new groups so that contact's can be organized easier

  • Birthday reminders – never forget your big boss birthday! Be reminded of any important birthdays, a day or a few weeks earlier.

  • Start-up options – fill up that empty Windows tray :) ! Boot it up as soon as Windows starts.

MT-Organizer looks simple but it really works! Never judge a book by it's cover!

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Ad Aware Personal Edition

Maintaining a personal computer is harder nowadays. A few years back, we were only bugged by computer viruses. Killing or preventing them is easier, install an anti virus and you can be sure that a your data is safe and protected.

Spywares are the new public enemy now. Sometimes, things that we installed or downloaded from the Internet might be planted with codes that can be malicious to the PC. There are many reasons why spywares are developed. Some of them can steal your passwords and send it to the creator, some might track your personal computer usage for marketing purposes, some may interrupt your surfing privacy by displaying unnecessary advertisements and you name it, more bad intents.

That's why we need freeware such as Ad-Aware SE Personal. It's well known as one of the best spyware removers out there.

What it can do: -

  • Registry scanning – in layman's terms, Ad-Aware will try to find spywares and remove it from your PC

  • Full and smart system scan – full system scan is recommended for first time use, smart scan is faster and can be performed daily

  • Free on line updates – spyware updates, similar to anti virus updates, so that Ad-Aware can scan newly created spyware bugs

  • Selective scan – scan only the directories that you want to

  • Free on-line Ad-Ons – extra plug ins that make Ad-Aware more functional than others

  • Quarantine – don't delete the spywares if you are not that sure! Rarely used function, normally it's safe to just delete those spywares.

You maybe feel that you are not infected by spywares. Believe me, you don't want to be too sure about that. Fire up this freeware and you will be surprised by what it will find for you!

Download it from ->

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Monday, January 16, 2006


You are running out of hard disk space. You wonder what consumes it. You wish that you have deleted all the old and obsolete files earlier so that you don't have to do some seek and destroy file operations. You hope to understand your habit on disk space utilization.You are broke, a new hard disk is not an option.You wonder if you are alone in this file searching mission. You are not.

You need the help of this freeware. You need JdiskReport. It will help you understand more about your hard disk.

It's features:

  • Disk space analyzer – no matter in which disk partitions / tree, it will analyze the disk consumption, of all files and folders, especially for you.

  • Visual reports – our eyes works better with pictures, don't they? Pie chart is the default view.

  • Size distribution report – how many gigs of file with the size of 1GB or more in your hard disk? I bet you can't answer that :)

  • Modified distribution report – do I have files that are more than 3 years in my hard disk? JdiskReport: “Of course”

  • File types distribution report – what type of files (avi, mp3...) was the biggest cause of my “out of hard disk space” problem, so i can backup it on cd / delete it?

  • Top 100 - this one is no Rick Dees / billboard music chart. It's your choice either to view the largest, oldest or newest file in the file tree, so that you can take necessary actions. Find that grandpa of files here.

Now you are in total control of your hard disk space. Say thanks to the freeware lovers!

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Please don't offer me any free email service anymore. Not that i don't like it, it's because that i have more than 10 free emails and i am a free email account junkie. Not that I can't figure out of any geeky user name to use any more. It's because the more email accounts that i have, the more it consumes my working time because i have to open up that browser, takes time to remember the password of that free Gmail account, check my Yahoo! email account to get the “Remember my password” email sent by Gmail and you name it yourselves, more mundane tasks.

Then ePrompter came to cheer me up. It says that i don't have to open up that browser anymore to check my email account. Not one but all of my free email accounts. Before jumping to conclusion that some freeware makers are crazy, i decide to test it.

Now i am a believer. Simple freeware makes life easier. No more time wasting. Here are things that it can do:-

  • Centralized email notification – it can check up to 16 email accounts from one simple interface for fast email notification. It will notify you with a rotating tray icon and by sound, it's your choice.

  • Supports major free email services - Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, Lycos,, Mindspring, MSN, Netscape, OneBox, POP3, Rediffmail, AOL , AltaVista, Earthlink,,, and hundreds of other email domains

  • Remembers username and password – never forgot a single password or is it pass word ? :)

  • Setup wizard – easy freeware setup for the smart and dumb altogether

  • Scheduled email checkup – be paranoid, check your email account using ePrompter every 1 hour or less.

  • Real email functions – read, reply, forward, delete and mark your messages from a Windows desktop, no browser needed!

  • Auto start – check your email as soon as that Windows finish booting up.

  • Update All – one click of a button will immediately checks all of your email accounts, it's the magic of freeware!

This freeware has been voted as one of the Best Free Internet Software by many. So try it!

Now i am going to register for more free email accounts. I know ePrompter will always be on my side. See ya next time!

Download it from:

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Do you still remember in which folder did you put that Crazy Frog mp3 file? Or that Word document which you had saved all your friends mobile number last year? Or your wedding day pictures? Things get a little crazy if there were hundreds of unmanageable and untraceable files.

A conventional approach is to click that Windows start button, click Search and pray that you can locate the file. It's slow though. What if there are 20 files to search for? So, click.. click.. click... (sigh!)

A smart approach would be to store the location of the files in a database, so each time you want to locate that secret video :) , you just type the name of the file / the file extension, and even before you finish typing, the file appear automagically on that screen, saving you from the boredom of waiting Windows Search to finish.

So how do you do overcome this? Just install this fantastic freeware file finder, Ava Find.

It's so smart, it makes you want to uninstall Windows Search :). It's features:-

  • Automatic Search Database creation – a few minutes after installation, it will know the location of all your files

  • Find-as-you-type – this fantastic search tool will show matching results as you type the name of the file / file extension

  • Categorized Results – the results will be divided into main categories : Music, Videos, Pictures, Installed Programs, Documents, and Downloaded Files too! No more micro management!

  • Scout Bot – this weirdly named bot will update and inform you on any newly changed files / folders in a special window pane.

  • My Picks – recent search results will be shown on a special pane

  • Wildcard support – don't worry if you can't remember the full file name, Ava Find is at your service

  • Selectable Search – specify the hard disk drive to be searched or to be ignored by Ava Find

  • Blocked Folders – specify folders to be omitted by this freeware

  • Schedules Updates – ask Ava Find to update it's search database at a specified time / interval

The downsides are this free version can't find files from network drives and has a few functions disabled for the joy of rich people who can afford to buy the full version. Nonetheless, even the freeware version outperforms every aspects of Windows Search by a mile.

Believe me, seeing is believing!

Download it here -->

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Friday, January 13, 2006

first week freeware list completed!

come again for 3 more freewares next week! :)

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

NotesHolder Lite

You have been sticking post-it notes onto your monitor / white board / note board since your student years. You're wondering if there are any freeware that can replace these primitive notes. You want it to sit nicely on your Windows desktop. It must be hassle free, lightweight and easy to use. Most importantly, you feel so stingy today that you don't want to pay a dime for it.

One freeware will rule them all (your above needs silly, nothing related to Sauron / The One Ring).

Enter NotesHolder Lite. It's features: -

  • Desktop docking – it sits easily on your desktop, auto-hide is possible.

  • Minimal memory use – won't gobble up your preciouss..... memory

  • Reminders – message will pop up at a specified time, only if you set it up, post it notes can't pop up, can they?

  • Search – search the messages you can't recall if you don't like to scroll that dying mouse

  • Print – print your desktop notes if you want to show it to your “still using post-it notes” friends

  • Multi language support – i don't know that you're Polish, don't worry, this freeware speaks Polish too

Best of all, it's free. Yippee!

Download it from:

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

TweakNow Registry Cleaner

Remember the day when you first boot up your newly installed Windows PC. Everything was so fast then. Now after a few months / years, it is as slow as a turtle. The lag that you had experienced can be blamed on various causes, the registry is one of the most common one.

A registry contains information that controls how your Windows appears and how it behaves. It's the heart of a Windows system. Sometimes when you remove applications from your PC, it doesn't remove all of it's content and the remaining data will clutter your registry. Simply put it, this obsolete entries will make your registry file bigger and Windows will have trouble to load, search, and read data from registry.

So to wipe out those pesky obsolete entries, I recommend you this freeware, Tweaknow RegCleaner. There are many registry cleaners available, but it's features really stands out above the rest: -
  • Fast: it quickly scan your registry to find obsolete entries.
  • Accurate: it accurately differentiate between the legal and obsolete entries
  • Secure: this freeware automatically backup registry file, which is the most important features that you are looking for, in case of any error, you can easily restore the previous working registry file.
  • Simple – start scanning with just a click of a button
  • Viewable scan results – view the scan result entries if you are not sure before hitting the Delete button
  • Categorized registry scan results – only remove safe to delete entries, if you are so paranoid about your system.

Download it from

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Monday, January 09, 2006

VLC Media Player

The old way

Want to play a DVD? Fire-up that ( licensed :) ) WinDVD..

Want to play MP3… double click that old WinAMP…

Windows Media Player, I wonder what it does…

Want to stream some japan anime movie so your friend can enjoy it too??? Are you sure we can do that?

Want to run all this on Linux / BSD / Mac? Now I am going to bang my head on the computer table..

The smart way

Download VLC Media Player from, and tada… it can play all of the above mentioned media file beasts.

Some of its features: -

  • Plays mpeg-1, mpeg-2, divx, avi…. You name it all (it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the differences; we are end users are we?)
  • Plays VCD / DVD – now you can uninstall all the other DVD players to save some disk space / or get rid of those pesky, irritating desktop menus / icons, and yeah, DVD subtitles are viewable too.
  • Stream media to the network – now you can let your irritating neighbor connect to your pc and share the movie without disturbing your viewing privacy
  • Playlist – they’re crazy if they don’t make this as a feature
  • Linux / BSD / Mac compatible – all geeks rejoice!, GUI haters can use it from the command line too
  • Mozilla plug-in? You tell me what this is. Haven’t used it yet.
  • Skinnable – although minimalist like me prefer it as it is
  • Screenshot / Snapshot taker – maybe you want to capture that wonderful king-kong moments
  • Equalizers - change the way you listen to that tune dude!
  • Zoom capability - for the ones who want to make that monitor screen bigger virtually (guys on a shoestring budget that is, millionaires doesn’t need this)

That’s all folks. So how’s my first review? Comments are welcomed.

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